CRM Development & Programming

Align Tech takes great pride in specializing in specific departments of the development, implementation, migration and support of custom and scalable customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Strategically leveraging CRM software solutions, our clients are able to process customer data and interactions, enjoy a robust workflow inside a complex company structure, wield the potential of scaled automation, and manage employee and resource performance.

How custom CRM software fits your business needs?

The CRM system is a software tool that conforms to your unique needs in customer management, business operations control and maintaining a solid return on investment (ROI).



  • We develop CRM software applications that organize entire volumes of data within a company and then translate them into profitable interactions.


  • A customized CRM system connects all data sources together to ultimately address customer expectations together with a focus on analytical insights when closing deals and estimating revenue growth.
Custom CRM Solutions:
  • Rich functionality
  • Perfect usability
  • Robust performance
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Top security
  • Broad integrations

How to WIN with CRM software:

  • Determine your goals

    The intent of a well tailored CRM is to hеlр уоu fully achieve your business objectives. So, setting the right goals and mapping out your target objectives onto a real step-by-step plan is key when imрlеmеnting a CRM development ѕtrаtеgу. Thiѕ map should bе flexible, аllоwing fоr rеviѕiоn аlоng thе way.

  • Focus on customer experience

    Prioritize your customers and make it a point to satisfy them. Full-featured CRM systems provide segmentation and can help you focus on top priorities with regards to customer relations. Starting from your valued customer’s behavior evaluation on up to metrics-based interactions and testing of your business model potential.

  • Cooperate with your team

    No matter how perfect your CRM is, it is worth nothing without proper team collaboration. CRM is a valuable tool which handles huge data volumes, but it is an organization’s ecosystem and proper interaction between the departments is needed when processing this information and extracting beneficial analytics. Your team is your biggest asset in meeting your goals.

  • Synchronize with CRM

    A CRM system offers all-encompassing information but it can only be utilized to its fullest with synchronization options. Third-party apps like calendars, messengers, sales and marketing tools, etc. ensure automatic tracking of all interactions thrоugh CRM, so that no critical data, reminder or appointment is left out.

  • See the bigger picture

    CRM software is an advanced tool for efficient data and resource management. Constant evaluation and improvements of the system can help you gain important insights and clarify the potential of your processes, performance, sales and overall business opportunities that are fueled by analytics and metrics.

  • Improve your workflow efficiency

    Tailored CRM software helps your business to mature the quality of customer engagement. CRM software will substantially increase your workflow efficiency and scale it across all your digital operations.